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Steven was born in Cape Town, South Africa. This destination is only the first one of a long journey across the globe! His family then moved to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Then, they spent the next 12 years in Brussels, Belgium and left to finish his studies in Melbourne, Australia. Subsequently, he tried community life in a Kibbutz and returned to Belgium in 2008.

Emily was born in Namur, Belgium. She followed an academic path until she was eighteen, before leaving for Boston, Massachusetts. Thanks to the Education First "EF" program, she improved her English before starting her university studies at ICHEC.

In 2008, Steven returned to Belgium and opened his first company: JEPI. His project was to encourage the recruitment of young people to teach the basics of IT to the elderly. Over the years, as the firm grew larger, new recruits presented themselves and this is how he met Emily.


It is in 2010 that she hears about JEPI, but, this professional opportunity will become for Emily and Steven, the love at first sight, which started their story.

However, Steven left Belgium in 2012 to start a career in the United States and became the general manager of a Los Angeles based record label. After several years of living the “American dream” in all its splendor, he moved to Dallas, Texas. Steven continued to supervise his artists and also took charge of several advertising campaigns for various companies. In 2012, Emily joined Toyota and became a Global Mobility Manager before being transferred to Madrid in 2016 and promoted to the position of Human Resource Senior Specialist.

During these years apart, Steven and Emily organized themselves to meet on different occasions until the formalization of their union in 2017. During a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, they got engaged and celebrated their wedding, a year later, at the  Château Bayard in Belgium. After this event, they moved together to Dallas and dreamed about a new adventure to share. As at their first glance, each of them found the idea of a trip in a VW van across the United States interesting, and this project has now become their reality!


About us

Steven was born in Cape Town, South Africa. This destination is only the first one of a long journey across the globe! After a youthful past ...


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